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Date Filename Changes
26.10.2022 * logging and detailed error messages for installation

* backend/appsop: fix: language package installs successfully from the second time only

* refactoring add/remove language to fix duplicates and sql exceptions

* fix php8 incompatibilities

+ add Event Log Viewer extension

+ ablitity to install extensions from migration

* fix: assign translation hashes in migrations

* move email-template to helper

* fix design boxed running from backend

* fix: prevent double slash in admin urls

* fix install: windows error - index.php was not unzipped sometimes

- remove remain of extensions: AttributesImages, AttributesQuanity, AttributesDetails, ReportChangesHistory, ProductBundles

* php8 compatibility

+ add hint info for extensions fields

+ ability to uninstall extension in migrations

+ ability to update translations for extension in migrations

* fix products suppliers updating when attributes selected

* admin/attributes fix: products button did not work

+ ability to add customer input fields to attributes

+ add log on mail error

* add hook to product props

* fix: history button show page not found error

* fix: inactive products removing when removing any product from saved order

* fix: script error in main.js

- remove old settings for customer groups, bundle products, displaying sales stats and shipping methods separately

* fix theme migration

* fix create css

26.09.2022 * fix datatable row position

* credit amount widget: move text to placeholder

+ migration for update theme

* fix pCarousel global var

* fix datapicker z-index

* fix widget groups (create folder is not exist)

* categories/productedit: save suppliers margin,surchase,discount on change

* categories/productedit: add translations entries for suppliers changes

21.09.2022 Updating libraries:

tecnickcom/tcpdf (6.4.4 => 6.5.0)

spipu/html2pdf (v5.2.4 => v5.2.5)

imagine/imagine (1.2.4 => 1.3.2)

smarty/smarty (v3.1.44 => v3.1.46)

phpstan/phpdoc-parser (1.2.0 => 1.7.0)

doctrine/lexer (1.2.2 => 1.2.3)

doctrine/instantiator (1.4.0 => 1.4.1)

doctrine/annotations (1.13.2 => 1.13.3)

jms/serializer (3.17.1 => 3.18.0)

matthiasmullie/minify (1.3.66 => 1.3.69)

symfony/polyfill-ctype (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

symfony/yaml (v4.4.37 => v4.4.44)

symfony/polyfill-php80 (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

symfony/deprecation-contracts (v2.5.0 => v2.5.2)

symfony/finder (v5.4.3 => v5.4.11)

zircote/swagger-php (4.2.8 => 4.4.8)

yiisoft/yii2 (2.0.45 => 2.0.46)

yiisoft/yii2-debug (2.1.18 => 2.1.19)

guzzlehttp/psr7 (1.8.3 => 1.9.0)

symfony/polyfill-php72 (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

symfony/polyfill-intl-normalizer (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

symfony/polyfill-intl-idn (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

symfony/polyfill-mbstring (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

guzzlehttp/guzzle (6.5.5 => 6.5.8)

fakerphp/faker (v1.19.0 => v1.20.0)

egulias/email-validator (3.1.2 => 3.2.1)

symfony/polyfill-iconv (v1.24.0 => v1.26.0)

paragonie/sodium_compat (v1.17.0 => v1.17.1)

* fix removing hierarchic acl for extensions

* fix right install button for extensions

* fix behaviour of right Remove buttons for extenstions

* separate drop data tables and drop acls checkboxes in extensions UI

* fix adding new language (i.e. Danish from forum)

* fix config constant for PurchaseOrders ext

* fixed acl adding for ext installing (more than one menu have the same title)

* fixed adding two and more adminmenu items with the same title

* admin/categories/productedit: change suppliers_products model to allow landed_price be zero

+ admin/categories/productedit: added undo button for supplier price

- admin/categories/productedit: removed supplier source field

* admin/categories/productedit: supplier landed price field now is used for overriding calcluated landed price

+ admin/categories/productedit: auto calculate price based on sort of product suppliers

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed: suppliers were not saved for new product

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed: suppliers formula calculated with zero values for first time

+ admin/categories/productedit: added ability to sort suppliers

- admin/categories/productedit: History link in productedit moved to ReportChangesHistory extension

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed: supplier tax checkbox did not react on clicks

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed: supplier price calculation for default formula worked only with current currency

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed: sometimes supplier formula did not recalculate when supplier details were changed

- admin/categories/productedit: removed BonusActions, PurchaseOrders, MinimumOrderQty, MaxOrderQty, OrderQuantityStep, Subscriptions features to extension

* admin/categories/productedit: adding new supplier did not apply visual style to switch

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed 500 error on Edit group price

* admin/categories/productedit: fixed js error on change Net price

- remove Quotations and Samples remains

- remove remains of Testimonials ext

* update conditions when Order Relocate and Warehouse Relocate is available

+ added new hooks

* improved php8 compatibilty

* fix export translation for multiline strings

* stock indication and delivery terms for quotations are moved to extension

24.08.2022 + add domain authentication to AppShop

+ add cancel button in platform settings of create order

+ add new hooks

* migrations: new translations are marked checked and translated

- remove unused translations and acls

* php8

* fix OscLink: import error for disabled UserGroups

* fix OscLink: file_get_contents error: failed to open stream: operation failed

* fix OscLink: click imported category may show 404 error (assign category to platform)

* fix OscLink: products that have all attributes with zero price did not show options choice and buy button

* improve OscLink: import weight of product attributes from osc mod

* fix backend: title page and header on creating order

* fix backend: property value > 999 was incorrectly displayed in product editor

* fix backend: for create order page

* adapt for extensions: ReportFreezeStock, ReportSummary, ReferFriends, WeddingRegistry, SupplierPriority

* fix showing product count for categories

* fix hooks: duplicate registering and accelerate applying

* fix frontend: error when "Display price with tax" set to False

* show platform name in modue editing

* app shop: changed messages for installation

* ignore user abort on new language

* app shop: changed account link

* system updates: show log

* styles for order filter

* fix extension widget settings

+ add theme name to addWidget function

+ add check if widget exists for addWidget migration

+ pass theme_name through widget params

- remove needless functions from text widget

15.08.2022 * fix translations for console apps

- move TradeForm files to app

* OscLink: fix for php <=7.3

* OscLink: fix adding suppliers for product with empty model name

* adapt for ReportChangesHistory app

* adapt for Promotions app

* adapt for Quotations and Samples

* fix: ability to set weight for product without PackUnit app

+ add new AdminHooks

* fix adding acl on app installations

+ extend isAdmin function

08.08.2022 * app shop messages changed

+ cache control: added reset app shop

* fixed sql error for platform delete

* fix php8 warnings

* allow to delete any platform if it is not default

* allow to update member password for all backend members

* htaccess added settings for modules:




* separate microtime in design widgets for import theme and import block

* fix widget tabs for apps

* fix translations in export theme

* adapt for CollectionPoint app

* allows translations for console apps

* improve hooks functions

+ Mailer: add SMTP encryption config,

* fix multiple recipient for Swiftmail

* plain mail send use email transport

01.08.2022 * changed title tag for backend. Now it shows the page name instead of the static text.

* paypal partner fix - recepient name from address details, if available. (was only from payer)

* backend: auto disable parent menu if all children are disabled

* backend: fix adding hierarchical menu

* backend: fix Translation by read-only demo

* payments: exclude img tag like multisafepay from saving

* backend: improve migration functions

* adapt for Promotions, BonusActions, Quotations and PurchaseOrders apps

26.07.2022 * Copyright updates.

Also see Change Log - osc page to find out how to update from osc to osc

25.07.2022 First release