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Date - 24.08.2022

Filename -

Changes -

+ add domain authentication to AppShop

+ add cancel button in platform settings of create order

+ add new hooks

* migrations: new translations are marked checked and translated

- remove unused translations and acls

* php8

* fix OscLink: import error for disabled UserGroups

* fix OscLink: file_get_contents error: failed to open stream: operation failed

* fix OscLink: click imported category may show 404 error (assign category to platform)

* fix OscLink: products that have all attributes with zero price did not show options choice and buy button

* improve OscLink: import weight of product attributes from osc mod

* fix backend: title page and header on creating order

* fix backend: property value > 999 was incorrectly displayed in product editor

* fix backend: for create order page

* adapt for extensions: ReportFreezeStock, ReportSummary, ReferFriends, WeddingRegistry, SupplierPriority

* fix showing product count for categories

* fix hooks: duplicate registering and accelerate applying

* fix frontend: error when "Display price with tax" set to False

* show platform name in modue editing

* app shop: changed messages for installation

* ignore user abort on new language

* app shop: changed account link

* system updates: show log

* styles for order filter

* fix extension widget settings

+ add theme name to addWidget function

+ add check if widget exists for addWidget migration

+ pass theme_name through widget params

- remove needless functions from text widget

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