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Manuals for osCommerce v4.

Assigning Products and Categories to Front Ends

Assigning and Moving Products to Categories

Creating Mailchimp Sign up Form

Creating Shipping Module

Design Technologies and Creating Theme

Extensions and Widgets Creation

Generating Key for Google Maps Javascript API

Generating Keys for Google Recaptcha

Generating Mailchimp API and Adding a List of Subscribers

Generating Paypal keys

Importing Data from Older osCommerce Version to New One

Installing osCommerce v.4.0

List of osCommerce v4.0 Extensions and their Short Descriptions

Managing 2-step Backend Authorization

Managing Admin Members with Limited Access

Managing API

Managing Automatic Import and Data Sources

Managing Backups

Managing Billing Address is shown first option in My Store Settings

Managing Blog

Managing Cloud Printers

Managing Communication

Managing Customer Groups

Managing Cybersource Payment Module

Managing Default Sort Order on Product Listing and Category

Managing Documents on Products

Managing Export and Import

Managing Front Ends

Managing Give Away

Managing Google Analytics

Managing Google Authenticator

Managing Google Categories

Managing Managers

Managing Menus

Managing Obsolete Products

Managing Order and Product Statuses

Managing Quotations

Managing Recovery Cart

Managing RMA

Managing Sales Price

Managing Sales Statistics and Purchase Report

Managing SEO

Managing Shipping and Payment Modules

Managing Stock

Managing Strict VAT ID Validation on Order Total Modules and Testing VAT ID per Country Settings

Managing Subscribers Lists

Managing Taxes

Managing XSell and UPSell

Managing Zone Table

Merging Customers' Accounts

OsCommerce v.4.0 Code Guide

PayPal Integration with osCommerce

PayPal PayLater Payment Module Integration with osCommerce

The settings of E-commerce Tracking for Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Server Requirements

Setting up Facebook Login

Setting up Google Login

Old osCommerce versions

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Getting started