Managing Customer Groups

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

After you accessed the admin area of your website click on Orders/Customers and Customer groups tabs. You can insert a customer group by clicking on the corresponding button or manage the existing the customer group by clicking on it and then on Edit, Edit Customers and Delete buttons.

If you click on Edit button you can specify the different settings for this group. For example, if you check the box next to Is Tax Applicable? option the tax (VAT) will be applied to this group. If you switch on Accumulative discounts you can specify the % of the discount this group will have depending on the amount spent (For example, the minimum one-off spent amount should be 1000. If a customer from this group spends this amount he/she will get 1% discount. If a customer from this group spends 2000 he/she will get 2% discount and so on).

If you want to default a customer group either to the default user group or the default visitor group click on Settings, Configuration and Customer Details tabs. Click on the required group and then on Edit button.

Choose the required group from the drop down list so this group will be either the user group for non logged users or the user group for new customers.