Managing Export and Import

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

After you accessed the admin area of your website click on “Products/Catalogue”, “Import/Export” and “Manual export” tabs. Then you can choose the required option from “File” and “Export file format” drop down lists.

Image 581.png

After choosing a required option from from “File” drop down list you can also choose the required category from “Select category” drop down list.

Image 580.png

If you click on Download button the pop up window will appear. For each file option Products Model field (column in the file) may have the different name. For example:

Products - Products Model

Categories - KEY_FIELD

Brands - KEY_FIELD

Assign products to categories - Products Model

Attributes - Products Model

Inventory - KEY

Supplier - Suppliers name


Bundle - Products Model and Child Products Model

Images - Products Model

Properties - Products Model

Properties Setup - EXISTING_REF

Image 579.png

If you click on “Manual import” tab you can “Upload File for” a certain option from the drop down list, browse and upload a required file by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Image 578.png

After a file appears in the list you can delete it, choose fields to be replaced from the drop down lists, apply the changes to the website and review the report by clicking on “Action” icons.

Products Model column in the file (as well as its equivalents) is mandatory for filling in otherwise there will be duplicates since this column in the file is used for record searching. Other columns in the file are optional. If they exist in the file the data will be saved otherwise if these columns do not exist in the file the data will remain unchanged.

Also for Assign products to categories, Attributes, Images and Properties options the information about the products should be added at the same time and sorted (if it is not sorted (not together) it will be removed).

For example to update the prices your product feed can be as follows (it may contain 2 columns only):

Image 591.png