Managing Quotations

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

After you accessed the admin area of the website and while adding/editing a product switch on Request for quote switch.

Find the product on the website front end, click on Request for Quote button and on Go to cart button in the pop up window.

Click on Request for Quote button again.

Choose how you would like to proceed.

Fill in the required fields and click on Confirm and Pay button.

The process is over on the website front end. You will see the following screen and receive the following email.

This quotation will appear in the admin area of the website. By default the quotation is in Awaits confirmation status.

If the user who made this quotation logs in to his account he will be able to view this quotation by clicking on Quotation Info link.

After the administrator changes the status for a quotation to processed the link for the corresponding order will appear next to it (the quotation has been changed to the order and the following status update email as well as the invoice is sent to this user). Click on this link.

Image 183.png

The order is in Pending status.

Now the user from his account can Reorder or View this order in the Order History section.

If the user clicks on View link he will be able to make some other actions on this page by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Image 187.png