Managing Recovery Cart

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

This functionality is used to remind the customer who put some products in his shopping cart but never completed the purchase that he can still do it. To encourage him to purchase these products you can set up the system that will send him emails including the images of the products he wanted to purchase as well as different coupons to get the extra discounts for this purchase.

After you accessed the admin area of your website click on Settings and Recovery cart settings tabs. On this page you can choose a required front end by clicking on the corresponding tab, Enable email delivery (for the emails to be sent automatically) by checking the box next to it, set up the time intervals from drop down lists for 3 emails and choose available coupons from drop down lists for each email (if you choose Not to send any coupons leave Select coupon option as is).

To make a coupon available in the coupon drop down lists click on Marketing tools, Coupons and Coupon Admin tabs. Then click on the required coupon and on Edit button.

Under Main details tab you can switch on/off Coupon for Recovery Cart.

To edit the recovery cart emails click on Design and CMS and E-mail templates tabs. Under the required template group click on the required template and then on Edit button.

Choose the required front end by clicking on the required tab, choose the required design template from the drop down list, choose between the required format and the required language by clicking on the tabs and edit the required fields.

To set up/edit the corresponding cron for the recovery cart click on Settings and Cron manager tabs. Click on Recovery Cart and then on Edit button or click on Create new job button.

Fill in the fields with the required values.

Note: Make sure you install the following command on your server as well (2****/usr/bin/wget https://..../shopping-cart/recovery-cart-O/dev/null)

To make sure the automated emails with the recovery cart information will be sent to the subscribed to the newsletters customers only click on Settings, Configuration and Recover Cart Sales tabs and make sure this option is in True mode otherwise click on Edit button and update it accordingly.

he other options shown in the previous screenshot apply to Recover Cart Sales page. Click on Marketing tools and Recover Shopping Cart tabs. You can see the information about the clients’ shopping carts as well as mark as contacted and mark as worked out by clicking on the corresponding buttons. You can also click on Legend, Create new order, Convert to order, Send coupon, Send Additional PS Messsage and Note buttons to take further actions on a shopping cart.