Managing Sales Price

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Note: This manual is for osCommerce v4.

There is the sale price part on the edit product page. It is read-only (titled "Sales rules"). The most recent sale price info is shown only (of multiple possible). Sale info includes status, date range and price.

The Sale status could be Active, Scheduled (will be activated according to start date) Expired, Manually Enabled and Manually disabled (the latest 2 ignore start and expiration dates).

There is "more" link to see the list of all sale prices and add new sale prices.

If you click on more link the sales list in pop up shows all sale prices of the product. Also there is add button to create a new sale price.

There are 2 new restrictions on the sales: "Sell up to pcs." total quantity of products which could be sold with this sale price (overall by all customers) and "Max in 1 order" max q-ty of products which could be sold by sale price in 1 order. If any limit is exceeded the standard price will be applied. If the limitation is not required then the fields should not be entered (or enter 0).

Sales tag and promote options depend on the site design and should not be changed if appropriate updates were not implemented in the design/layout.

Note: Read-only info on the edit product page is not updated in real time - if the new price was added for example in popup the edit product page needs to be reloaded to show changed data.

There is the report link which allows to filter ordered product report by appropriate sale price.

The same sale price management options are available on the separate page: Admin > My Marketing Tools > Sales